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Find the answers to popularly asked questions about garage doors and their components and operation. Use the information provided here to get a better understanding of the unit you have at home. This will help you to take the most appropriate course of action in any situation.

Do garage door noises signal trouble?

If you hear a strange noise, our experts recommend that you inspect the overhead door parts for damage. A loud bang indicates a broken spring. Worn-out lift cables typically make scraping sounds. When the moving parts lack lubrication, the door gets squeaky, and may also hear popping sounds in this case. All issues must be resolved swiftly.

How do I keep the opener remote safe?

You must never leave it in the car and should keep it away from kids as well. It is best to place it on a keychain and carry it around in your bag to protect it from moisture and temperature extremes. It should not be exposed to sunlight for too long.

The door is working properly, but I am hearing creaking sounds. What is it?

The garage door bearings may need some lubrication. Buy a spray lubricant (it is recommended that you consult the manufacturer for lubricant recommendation) and spray a generous amount to see an improvement. If the tracks, hinges and rollers are lubricated properly, you should no longer hear a creaking sound.

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